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Anything IS Possible!
If it can be done in wood or laminate. . .We can do it!

Home improvements custom cabinets, furniture
Kitchen cabinets, quality wood and laminates
Bathroom remodeling, vanities, custom cabinets
Furniture made to order
Bedroom sets, custom dressers, headboards
Wall units, bookcases, computer desks
retail store fixtures, display shelves and units
Restaurant fixtures bars
Custom units and displays, exhibits
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custom push cart, kiosk

Did you ever wonder who made those marvelous push carts you see in most malls these days. Now you know!

Need props for store windows, for exhibits or just for fun. Yes, we can built it.

 Halloween prop


wood gavel, gifts, humidors

Whether big or small, we use the same care and craftsmanship for all our projects.

We told you anything is possible. We created these props to make a country hay ride into a Halloween thrill ride for the local kids.

Ghost House


hospital imaging platformWhat is this thing? No, it's not a teleporter from Star Trek. It's a medical imaging platform we designed for Chilton Memorial Hospital to allow a patient to stand still for imaging while the platform rotates! If it can be done in wood and laminate, we can do it!

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